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www.ceausescu.org is a website that emerged from the fact that its initiators tried to find out more about the so called "Golden Epoch" of Romania under Ceausescu’s rule.

The topic is very subtle and though Ceausescu’s "achievements" are still present all over Romania and very much still shape the countries appearance till today, the subject itself is widely avoided. Hence it is not a simple task to collect related material. The scope of this site is to make information and material that has been found by us and/or provided to us by our users, accessible to the wide interested public over the global Internet.

Update, December 2006: The pressure onto Romania grows w. their will to enter the European Union. This made them FINALLY understand, that they must face their past. Two weeks before the country's EU accession, President Traian Basescu presented a 650-page report that charges the former communist regime. On December 18th 2006 he declared the country is responsible for the deeds of the former communist system. More important for us, Commission Chairman Vladimir Tismaneanu said: "For 16 years, Romania has avoided confronting her communist past, a procrastination which has resulted in the hegemony of lies and mystification. This, in turn, has created a climate of frustration and anger, manipulated by demagogues. Transparency is the only way a democratic political culture can be established" he added. Bravo! (Click here to read the full article). So maybe our website will become obsolete soon and everybody will have the ability to obtain information about this period of Romanian history...

www.ceausescu.org was set up in the year 2000 and has rapidly grown since then. It is probably the most complete and specific site about Ceausescu, the person and his time, ranking #1 on Google since several years, currently serving more then one Million hits per month. This site has a strictly neutral, informational and non-commercial character!

The content of this site is a loose collection of material gathered over the last years from different sources and is not supposed to give a 100% complete coverage.

If you have material of any kind you want to dedicate, please click here to contact us.
We want to express our thank to all users who sent us material and helped us expand this site!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on this sites are those of the respective authors and not necessarily those of the organisators of this site. We are not responsible for the content of any sites linked to from here.

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