by Hank Willow, HollywoodInvestigator staff reporter.  Oct. 8, 2001
republished here w. express permission.

Beloved pop sensation Michael Jackson has for the last 9 years been a walking undead corpse -- the mindless zombie slave to a blood-thirsty Communist vampire!
Those are the shocking findings of a six-year Investigator investigation in which a team of Investigator investigative reporters traveled the globe to discover the following
blood- curdling discovery: Nicolae Ceausescu, Communist dictator of Romania and Transylvania until his 1989 Christmas Day 

Here are the startling facts that cannot be denied:

Nicolae Ceausescu:

  • Cringed at the sight of crosses!
  • Demolished scores of churches!
  • Stuttered and twisted so bizarrely that a Fort Bragg US Army prof believes Ceausescu was possessed by a legion of demons!
  • Mesmerized a nation in a vampire-like thrall -- despite his repulsive looks and dwarfish stature!
  • Himself suffered from a blood disease!
  • Vanished after his execution -- his "corpse" moving under mysterious circumstances!
  • Hero-worshipped Dracula -- for whom he issued a commemorative postage stamp!
  • Tried to move Romania's capital from Bucharest to Tirgoviste -- Dracula's 15th century capital!
  • Sought refuge in Dracula's capital during the final days of his crumbling Commie rule!
  • And most shocking of all, built a palace near Dracula's tomb, where in 1992 ...

Like all vampires Ceausescu feared crosses, says Dr. Nicholas Dima, a Columbia University PhD and Romania expert for the JFK Special Warfare Center and US Army School in Fort Bragg, where he taught 1985-88. After searching archives and high-security databases throughout the globe, an intrepid team of 107 Hollywood Investigator investigative reporters unearthed Dr. Dima's book,
Journey to Freedom, in the Desi Arnaz University Library at Hollywood Community College, in Hollywood Florida. In Journey to Freedom, Dr. Dima writes: "Those who know [Ceausescu] insist he cannot stand Christian crosses or blessings.  In Venezuela he requested the crucifix be removed from his room.  At a luncheon in his honor by a group of New Orleans businessmen, he left the room because a pastor blessed the food!  Then he kicked Vasile Pungan, his chief advisor, for not having informed him." This shocking incident of vampire behavior is confirmed by Newsweek journalist Edward Behr in Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite: The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus, where Behr confirms that Ceausescu walked "out of a dinner in New Orleans because the cardinal insisted on an invocation before the meal."

This is evidence that cannot be denied!

More shocking evidence of
vampire behavior is Ceausescu's fear and hatred of Christianity! Dr. Dima's startling claim: "Ceausescu showed throughout his career a profound aversion for God and church." Months of additional pain-staking research at the Desi Arnaz University Library unearthed another startling book: Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa's Red Horizons: The True Story of Nicolae & Elena Ceausescus' Crimes, Lifestyle, and Corruption. Pacepa, who iron-fistedly ruled Romania's deadly spy bureau -- the DIE -- until his 1978 defection, reveals that Ceausescu demolished scores of churches in Bucharest and "declared himself overjoyed at getting rid of musty old churches and synagogues." But even more amazingly, Newsweek's Behr adds: "From 1977 onward, the piecemeal demolition of churches occurred under militia guard." Why were guards necessary?! Dr. Dima provides a shocking clue: "Dozens of irreplaceable churches were bulldozed.  Entire cemeteries were emptied and corpses hastily removed, even if they had been only recently interred."

The evidence is undeniable! The conclusion unavoidable!

Fresh undead corpses were being unearthed under militia guard because Ceausescu was harvesting zombie recruits for his dreaded Securitate! Dr. Dima, doubtless silenced by US national security rules, does not admit this -- but shockingly -- he does not deny the possibility!!!

But Investigative minds want to know: If Ceausescu was a vampire, how did he become one? After investigating every shelf of the Desi Arnaz University Library, the Hollywood Investigator's investigative team discovered the startling fact that one may become a vampire through
demon-possession! In Dracula Was a Woman, Boston College professor Raymond T. McNally quotes Saint Clemens, who said of demons:  "Since these spirits want to partake of food and drink and feel the desire to do so but cannot, because they are spirits and have no organs, they turn to humans to make use of their organs.  Once in control of suitable organs, they can get whatever they want and take it through the mouth of possessed humans." McNally adds: "if real humans showed a tendency to want to eat human flesh and drink human blood ... it was assumed that they had become possessed, had been taken over by demons." Dr. Dima believes Ceausescu was possessed by a legion of demons! In Journey to Freedom, Dr. Dima provides eyewitness testimony of Ceausescu's bizarre stammerings and contortions during the dictator's state visit to Canada:
"Looking at [Ceausescu] I was shocked: a small, dark man, skinny and frail, as if very ill, with a face which had lost normal coloring.  What I could not comprehend was the way he walked and moved around.  It was completely disjointed, with uncoordinated motions -- the hands moving in one direction while the legs were seemingly marching by themselves.  Ceausescu was like an artificial body without a brain to coordinate it...
"Ceausescu looked around, rotated his head without seeing anybody, waited a few endless seconds, and eventually, I believe, he began to speak.  I think so because some words came out of his mouth, but I could not relate them to the movements of his lips, or his face, or his head, or his arms.  The tone of his voice sounded as if spoken somewhere in a cellar. ...
"I remembered a biblical story, and I froze and uttered a quick prayer.  When Jesus and his disciples arrived at the shore of a lake, they came across a demon-possessed man dwelling in a grave yard, who had such strength that no one was strong enough to control him...  'What is your name?' Jesus asked and the demon replied: 'Legion, for there are many of us here within this man.'
"I concluded that Ceausescu, this embodiment of Marxism-Leninism, was not 'himself.'  He had probably ceased to be himself a long time ago when he began to think of himself as a sort of a god, and put his body at the disposal of a legion of evil spirits.  Ceausescu must have many demons within his body.  ...  these demonic spirits would fight and quarrel among themselves as who should take the lead, who should be the speaker, and in what direction they should move.
"Ceausescu's inner circle could not figure out what was wrong with Ceausescu because they did not believe in God either.  This is why they were only puzzled and frightened, and would flock around him trying everything to please; but how can anyone please an army of wicked spirits?" Dr. Dima is a Columbia University PhD. and former US Army Professor at Fort Bragg!  While he does not use the "V" word -- doubtless due to US national security concerns -- his expert intelligence analysis cannot be ignored!

The evidence is undeniable! The conclusion unavoidable!

Ceausescu was possessed by a legion of demons -- which St. Clemens has revealed to be related to vampirism!

Ceausescu was an ugly twisted dwarf, yet his nation worshiped him like a god -- as if under a
vampire-like trance! In Kiss The Hand You Cannot Bite, Edward Behr reveals that Ceausescu was routinely called: "Genius of the Carpathians, Source of our light, the Danube of thought, Builder of the outstanding stage in the millennia-old existence of the Romanian people, Creator of the epoch of unprecedented renewal, Treasure of wisdom and charisma." Despite the massive security surrounding US national security archives, the Hollywood Investigator's team of investigative reporters unearthed a high-level US State Department document, written by a senior high-level State Department insider, that confirms this startling national behavior: Former US Ambassador to Romania, David B. Funderburk, reveals in his book, Pinstripes and Reds:

"Ceausescu is classed as the fount of all wisdom and knowledge ... the builder of new Romania, the man who gave his name to a whole era in the history of the Romanian people...  His years have been called the years of light  ...  He had been represented as the embodiment of the nation in sculpture, portraits, wooden icons, painted, cloth art work, statues, and in poems and other literary forms." Even more amazing, so pervasive and extreme was this ritual worship, even those formerly under Ceausescu's spell cannot explain it! In Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite, Behr quotes Liviu Turcu, a Securitate official who defected in 1987: "Not even today am I able to explain how so many intellectuals, and good journalists, fought each other in exhausting the Romanian dictionary to find the most impressive words in an attempt to please Ceausescu.'" Behr adds: "The passivity of the nomenklatura and of professional groups of all kinds remains baffling."

What makes this vampiric worship even more startling is that life in Ceausescu's Romania was misery.

In Journey to Freedom, Dr. Dima writes:  "Since the winter of 1984, Romania has resembled the Tribulation mentioned in the Bible.  There is wickedness, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. ... windows of food stores had pictures of food instead of real food. ... heating elements freeze and explode, damaging the buildings.  Water freezes in glasses and stops running in the pipes. "It broke my heart to call my mother in Bucharest and hear her crying over the phone halfway around the world: 'Call me sometimes, Nic, if you can.  I cannot write any more because it is too cold, and my hands are numb.'"

The evidence is undeniable! The conclusion unavoidable!

The only explanation for national worship of such an ugly destructive tyrant is -- a nation gripped in a vampiric thrall!

Edward Behr reports that Ceausescu had diabetes -- a
blood disease!

 Eventually the long-suffering villagers rebelled against their Commie masters!  On December 16, 1989, a protest rally in the
Transylvanian village of Timisoara escalated into hugely vast protest rallies in Bucharest -- leading to the overthrow of the vampires Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu! It is said they were "executed" -- on Christmas Day 1989! But vampires are not easily destroyed.  Evidence indicates that the Ceausescus arose from the dead -- and once again walk the earth. In Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite, Newsweek's Behr writes:  "The corpses were wrapped in tent cloth and bundled aboard a waiting helicopter.  They were unloaded in the middle of a playing field in a sports stadium in a Bucharest suburb that had been used by the Defense Ministry as a helipad for the transport of all those connected with the trial. The corpses promptly vanished.

"Army search parties scoured the area all night before finding them the following morning, near a shed within the stadium grounds.  Who shifted the bodies, and for what purpose, was never satisfactorily established."

The Ceausescus' last ditch attempts to repress demonstrators inflicted extreme carnage!  The Hollywood Investigator has obtained exclusive graphic photos of the massive bloodbath! However, we are not publishing them because some of the corpses are partially nude, and the Investigator is a family newspaper.

The evidence is undeniable! Ceausescu was -- is!-- a
blood-thirsty vampire!  The next question: Who made him one? After tirelessly investigating every shelf of the Desi Arnaz University Library, the Hollywood Investigator's investigative team unearthed another book containing undeniable evidence of Ceausescu's vampire blood-origins -- Dracula himself! Also in typical vampire fashion, Ceausescu censored anything that might expose his Master's -- and his own -- vampire identity! Brit journalist Jane Goldman (winner of Cosmopolitan's 1987 "Women Of Tomorrow" Award) says in The X-Files Book Of The Unexplained: Vol. 2: "[Stoker's] Dracula was not published in Romania until 1993, having been banned under communist rule." Yet despite Ceausescu's cover-ups, those who saw Ceausescu -- saw his dark Master's presence inside him! In Pinstripes and Reds, former US Ambassador Funderburk writes that Ceausescu "has been classed with another Romanian hero -- Vlad Tepes who was known as Dracula." While Funderburk is doubtless muzzled by State Department security rules, he mysteriously adds "the resemblance to Vlad Tepes (Dracula), is perhaps not so far fetched after all." Does this high-level State Department insider know more than he dare reveal?! Even more shocking! -- Ceausescu sought his dark Master's help until the very end!  McNally and Florescu reveal that on December 22, 1989, as his Commie dictatorship crumbled, Ceausescu fled to his Snagov palace, "a short distance from where Dracula lay buried.  ...  evidentially seeking solace and support in Dracula's former capital."

But the most blood-curdling of all, McNally & Florescu add that in 1992 at Ceausescu's same Snagov Lake palace! They write: "A visit today reveals motor launches, sailboats, beaches, restaurants, lovely villas, and former president Ceausescu's summer palace (where Michael Jackson resided in the fall of 1992)." Even more blood-curdling: The palace still remains a short both ride from Dracula's tomb! But most shocking of all! -- ever since that fateful Transylvanian night in 1992 -- the Commie-uniform-wearing Jacko has grown paler and paler ...

The evidence is undeniable! The conclusion unavoidable! -- and


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