Interview with Valentin Ceausescu: "No opponent was scared by my name"

Autor: Octavian Cojocaru.

The son of late Nicolae Ceausescu was confident that Steaua would win the European Champions Cup in 1986.

Valentin Ceausescu, son of late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, and one of the main figures in the managing staff of „Steaua” soccer team over 1985-1989, in an interview with „Evenimentul zilei” daily said no challenger of Steaua had ever been intimidated by his name.

He denied thus the allegations issued by Steaua’s opponents that he was discouraging the soccer team’s challengers and was also recruiting the main players back in the 80s.

Steaua won the European Champions Cup in 1986.

Asked about the reasons that made him back Steaua in the 80s, Valentin Ceausescu said it was the team’s efficient and spectacular game strategy. He even claimed he was certain that Steaua would win the European Champions Cup considering the team’s performance at that time.

„I was expecting (such an outcome). I would watch many international games. The players laughed when I told them they would win the European Champions Cup”, he said.

Valentin Ceausescu is no longer interested in soccer. „I have not gone to a stadium since 1990. I watched on TV the UEFA Cup games of this season. It is hard to make a comparison between the 1986 team and the current one. The people are different now, and so are the conditions”, Valentin Ceausescu concluded.

Date: Monday, 08. May 2006
Source: Evenimentul Zilei via ziare.ro


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